POSTED May 22, 2018 / IN: Lists / BY rachelhussey

Tuesday List

Things I did today

  • worked on some packaging for a client as well as starting to come up with ideas for a business card and mailing label.
  • Returned two library books and paid $9 in fines.
  • Took my winter jacket to the dry cleaners.
  • Walked for 30 mins around my neighbourhood.
  • Did 30 mins of yoga.
  • Showered.
  • Cooked and ate lots of food.
  • Painted some leaves while listening to music.
  • Listened to 3 podcasts including one about whether or not Dragons were real creatures.
  • Picked up my watercolour water jar and almost drank out of it before realising.
  • Sent a new client a branding questionnaire to fill out.
  • Scrolled through Social Media
  • Emptied out my bookshelf
  • Did laundry